Apps for iphone

I’m really impressed that Dave Walker has written an app’ for the iphone. This got me wondering:
What would be a great idea for an app’ that would be REALLY useful for Youth workers?
Please post the mad, the funny and the useful via comments

6 Replies to “Apps for iphone”

  1. Perhaps some sort of simple remote control that could influence the way parents / congregations respond to new youth work initiatives?
    Maybe a few simple buttons…
    Fully Agree
    Offer helpful direction
    Give finacial support
    Remain silent!

  2. I say we need a ‘panic’ button app for those times when nothing is working!
    When you hit the button you would get easy, no supply games with a simple point.

  3. Firstly I’d be putting in a bid for Windows for Mobile apps for those of us on the lower budget mobile!!
    I agree with Stef that a random silly game generator would be good.
    A txt dictionary
    how about some form of risk assessment calculator:
    unicycling + jelly + 16 sugar high pre-teens = risck factor level ***

  4. I would love to see an attendance tracking software that works for events too. Something that I could check off a students name, and also if they paid their fee and turned in the right forms. To me, that would be an incredibly big help.

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