I’m a HUGE fan of mentoring! I’m starting to see it being used more in churches as a discipleship model which is great but I’m especially interested in the mentoring of marginalised young people; where I have seen it make a phenomenal difference to the well being and life chances of young people. I’ve put some people in touch with the training advertised below and wanted to flag it up here, I’m also picking up on the Radar that a second date has been added in Birmingham on May 18th.
The Why, What and How? of successful mentoring with young people
A Spurgeons Network learning event, facilitated by Chris Spriggs, Director of Lifespace
Tuesday 2 February 2010
St Georges Centre, Leeds
10.30 am – 3.30 pm
Why you should think about mentoring in your work with young people?
What is successful mentoring?
How do you put it into practice?

Mentoring young people is not a magic bullet which solves all their problems but it can be a really valuable tool to help them make positive changes in their lives. This day is about learning the basics of good theory and practice, exploring areas of interest and difficulty and hearing from others about their experience
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