2010 imperatives

I’m back! I’ve kind of got into the habit of not blogging but am now attempting to not be in the habit of not blogging, if you see what I mean. As is traditional on the blog I’m posting a handy tick list of ‘New year Resolutions’ for myself and other youth minister bretherin and sisterin. I’ve added in a couple more which may or may not be SPECIFICALLY for people I know, I also apologise if a couple of adverts have crept in.
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I will start organizing the Residential earlier, MUCH earlier

I will stop and ask why?

I will put aside time to pray for the young people

I will stop eating the tuck when setting up for youth group

I will spend some time with the teenager whose behaviour has been winding me up

I will ask for a proper budget AND report back on how I used it

I will review

I will plan how I can involve young people more fully in the programme and leadership

I will actively seek opportunities to learn

I will get around to renewing my out of date First Aid certificate

I will invest energy in the Line Management process.

I will book into the rather wonderful DEPTH 3 retreat in February

I will work with young people in our church to access and use the Youth Evangelism Fund

I will listen more

I will invest time in relationships with the church family

I will build, live and celebrate team

I will put time-out in the diary NOW not look for a space later

Here’s wishing you an adventure of a 2010; a life and ministry of passion, depth, challenge and childlike wonder!

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  1. Great list – maybe I’ll nick it and ammend it to send to the London Baptist Youthworkers (with appropriate ads and info)! Of course doing it all is another story…

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