Seedy CD headlines

screw tape.jpg
I had to do a double-take when i got the church notice sheet this morning, containing as it did this edgy contemporary (hip but offensive) headline of “Screw tape – We have CDs!”
Ok on closer examination it turns out to be a bit of a pun on the fact the library has “The Screwtape letters” by CS Lewis on CD but the headline still stands in its own right and made me laugh. Idle speculation on my part wondered whether this effective attention grabbing methodology could be used for our re-ordering project, “Screw the pews, we’ve got comfy chairs!”
Just a thought 🙂

Youth worker Posts

Full time job in the Diocese (Binfield): Job Specification Youth Children Minister.docx The Parish Church of All Saints and St Mark’s advertisement.docx
Part time Job in the Diocese (in Burnham), details in the extended entry (or below if you’ve come from the link)

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I-pad envy

The quirkily briliant Dave Walker was very fast off the mark last night and posted this almost before Steve had finished talking! Made me laugh. (This cartoon reminded me a little bit of the characters in James Thurbers’ scribblings, wonderful)
cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Youth Evangelism Fund launch

Minted small 250.jpg
PLEASE note that this event for Saturday 30th has had to be cancelled. Apologies for this but there were not enough people to make it the event it needed to be.
The fund is still a key priority though and I’m happy to come to your church/parish/deanery to talk about it.

Taize 2010

taize sign shot.jpg
I’m all geared up for a second Diocesan trip to Taize. This years trip will be leaving England on the 24th July returning on the morning of the 2nd of August.
I have just finished the flyer and this seemed as good a place as any to put it: booklet 2010 low res.pdf
If you want to know more then it’d be great to chat
ALSO: Brother Paolo (of Taize) is coming to England in March, anyone interested in hosting a service/promotional event?

yer can have yer kayak n’ reet it

After spending a good deal of last night upside-down underwater I did FINALLY manage to pull off three credible Eskimo rolls righting the kayak on each of these occasions!!!
Enormous thanks to the wonderful Adventure Plus team for their patience with my inversion submersion confusion, and apologies to anyone I may have deafened with my victory whoop!
Yer can indeed have yer kayak n’ reet it
(*laughing* Someone on Facebook says my success is proof that you can teach an old dog, new tricks)

Sunny side up

arctic roll.jpgI have a very pleasant evening ahead of me whereby I shall be spending a large proportion of it upside-down under a Kayak.
If all goes well, as the evening goes by I will be spending less and less time inverted and immersed having FINALLY learnt to roll a boat back to the right way up. I am hopeful rather than confident … but I am hoping that by utilising a nose clip and a pair of goggles (how cool will I look!!?) I can get the hang of this tricky technique.

On the subject of Cadbury’s

Charlie Brooker, writing in the Guardian yesterday, had me laughing out loud with his take on the Kraft takeover of Cadbury’s.
It is more than clear to anyone in England who has tried a Hershy bar, that U.S taste buds must be configured entirely differently to our own …… hence the worry about our beloved Cadbury’s recipe being subsumed into an american interpretation. But given that they key British response to anything is humour, I encourage you to read the Guardian Column.
kraft reaqction.jpg
I cannot imagine a youth group tuck shop without the iconic “Freddo bar!” ….. we must unite to save this national assett

Youth, mission and culture lectures

‘Professional development’ and vegetables are two things that youth workers are not always very good at (apart from the vegetarian ones who tend to be better at at least one of them) as they get squeezed out by the pressure of time and chips. Huge generalisation I know but it makes a good intro to the Youth, Mission and Culture Lectures that I am about to heartily endorse! Anyway, the info …….
“The Youth Culture and Mission Lectures are a response to the increasing numbers of youth workers studying youth ministry and theology at undergraduate or postgraduate and the desire by so many to keep their heads in that field once they have graduated. Pete Maidment, Diocesan Youth Officer for The Diocese of Winchester and one of the founders of the lectures, says; ‘The lectures provide an opportunity for people to pursue a deeper, theological and grounded understanding of youth, culture and mission, accessible to those who have already begun to explore the academic bedrocks of youth ministry as well as those who haven’t had the time to study and who are eager to take their thinking deeper.’
lectures banner.jpg
Dates and Locations:
18th March 2010:LICC, London
25th March 2010:St George’s Church, Leeds
For more details click the link above or read the press release thingy: YCML Press Release Nov 2009.doc. Oh, or use that trendy BookFace social notworking thing, here’s the link