Unicorn tears

milton jones tour 09.jpgHad a great evening on Saturday when regular blog lurker JT took me along to Greenham Arts Centre to catch the Milton Jones Tour.
It was a cracking evening with Milton being well on form. There were none of his brilliantly wry observations about church or christianity but a wealth of new material (I’d only heard him use two of the gags before) including a slide ‘show’ of a world tour that provided a fabulous vehicle for his surreal observations and links. Fab!
It was also great to catch Chris Stokes who did a great set between ‘Milton’s Grandad’ and Milton himself. Chris delivered a routine of unhurried and relaxed story telling that was a delight to see. He created and exploited comedic observations and encounters without the need to dive for a gag or a punchline, producing a set that was engagingly hilarious.
Talking of comedy, I noticed that Tony Hadoke provides one of the reviews for Chris. I recently listened to “Moths ate my Dr Who scarf” which is an autobiographical account of his life, with his love of Dr Who providing a theme and reference point for a story full of pathos and laughter. Highly highly recommended!
moths ate my doc who scarf.jpg