Pulpit dwelling drill wielding Rector delivers all-age torque

Our Church being ‘St Nicolas’ meant that yesterday was our Patronal festival and thus an all-age combined service shindig. It turned out to be a great occasion with a lovely blend of worship, celebration, community and humour.
The Rector was on great form and the sermon was a vision framing call to faith and action that involved him waving (and regularly activating) an electric drill. I was sat behind the Pathfinder group who were attempting to capture the Pulpit dwelling drill wielder will their mobile phones (I didn’t ask for this shot to be blue-toothed to me until after the service, honest).
Driller preacher.jpg
Other highlights included a mahoosive choir singing the Hallelujah chorus magnificently and the worship leader introducing one song as ‘the worst Christian chorus ever written!’ (and being right despite strong competition from the entire1970’s back catalogue!)
A great morning!

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