New Director

It’s been quite a year juggling the Youth Adviser role with my ‘temporary’ responsibilities as ‘Dep Sec’ charged with the acting co-responsibility for the department in which I serve. But, I can almost have my old life back as we’ve appointed a new director (Yay!)
In the last 12 months we’ve had the fun of starting to work with the Bishops’ vision of ‘Living Faith’, re-evaluating our whole structure, working out what we should look like for the future, and then beginning the resultant transition into a Board of Mission which the new Director will be heading up.
MichaelBeasley.jpgOur new Director is the Rev’d Dr Michael Beasley and is currently the Vice Principal and Tutor in Mission at Wescott House. We are delighted he will be joining us.
It’ll then be full-steam-ahead working with the new Director to live out and help serve a vision for ‘Living Faith’ across the Diocese. Hopefully by Easter we’ll be fully up and running (although still experimenting) as the Board of Mission with Michael at the healm (once we’ve unearthed him a desk, we are a BIT tight on space here)
There’s more info on Living Faith here but this is the explanatory diagram:
living faith 375 web.jpg
It’s not rocket science but it is a helpful reminder of who we are as the church(es) in the Diocese of Oxford, and especially a reminder that without the individual and corporate sustaining of our sacred centre, it’s all a bit pointless.
I’m looking forward to May 15th when I’ve a day with young people here at Church House exploring their perspective on this.