Bing’s just bling, Chrome however, shines

I’m not exactly an early adopter but for what it’s worth I hereby now pledge my browsing allegiance to Google Chrome. I’d flirted briefly with Bing but having discovered that the hyperbole was just propoganda I’d perhaps not been as keen to check out Chrome. It is however, I’ve discovered ….. brilliant!
Google Chrome is FAST, quick to launch and quick to load web sites. The tab arrangements and rapid access to recent and favourite sites via a thumbnails tab are great. I also like being able to enter a search straight into the address bar (and also by holding ‘alt’ have that open in a new tab)
In writing this I had to search for Google Chrome with ‘Google Chrome!’ Thankfully this didn’t cause some kind of electronic existential meltdown as I asked it to self reflect and find itself! (I thought this was: a) quite impressive, and b) a relief that I didn’t implode the internal logic of the entire internet!)
Oh and if you want to understand how Chrome came to be, this is the impetus and rationale!
Ooh and a veteran hello to anyone who still remembers searching with ‘Alta Vista’

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  1. I also recently downloaded chrome and found that it was great, draging and dropping tabs between windows is pretty cool. But I tend to get a lot of pages saying “The link appears to be broken”, meaning I have to refresh. Still I agree it’s great

  2. I’ve been using it on the PC at work for a while.
    Things I like are that it is blazingly fast compared to Firefox, and I use the application mode quite a lot for sites I use a lot like Google Reader and LinkedIn.
    Other features I miss on other browsers are the combined address/search box, so I have search shortcuts set up for a number of sites including wikipedia (just type “wikipedia ” into the address box and up comes the result. Another thing I like (and this is probably a bit techie) the multi-threading which certainly helps with lock-ups and crashes that in other browsers can cause all the browser windows to crash when one site hits problems.
    The main downside would be if you use a lot of extensions or customisations on Firefox, as with Chrome you’re really conforming to what Google thinks is important, and the Google way of doing things. Having said that, the reason why nowadays Firefox is often slow is because of the weight of extensions it has to run under. Of course that doesn’t really explain why IE is so horrifically slow a lot of the time…

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