Dr Chris!!

brit christmas pepsi.jpgI am busy swotting …. not for an exam in fact but for a Christmas presentation for a horde of year 6’s. For reasons that now escape me I am playing the part of “Dr Chris” who is (or will be) a world authority on Christmas. So, I’m busy swotting ready for the event at 1pm today?
I’m supposed to be able to field ANY question that inquisitive year 6’s can concoct!! No one has given me the churches policy on the existence or otherwise of Father Christmas, eek!
At least if anyone asks for the theological relevance of Christmas Crackers I’ve already done that piece of work!
I also now know that Father Christmas wearing red because of Coca Cola is an urban myth. (BTW, for the sake of BBC like impartiality I have included a Pepsi advert into this post too)
Anyway back to my research, I’ll blog any obscure questions after the event!
(PS, in case you missed it, I put a load of Christmas resource links here)
Captain’s log supplemental: Am blogging live from the event inbetween my two ‘sessions’ where I have discovered that my German accent becomes French and then heads back to being German. My acting ability: 1 out 0f 7246, doh!

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  1. My sympathies, from a fellow Nutty Professor (our version of Dr Chris). If you can give me any tips from your second session, on stabilising the variable accent, they would be much appreciated. I have two more to do on Monday & Tuesday!

  2. Ray,
    no tips I’m afraid as the accent never quite stabilised. In one way it was useful though as when I was ‘on’ again to answer questions I explained that as you’ve already spotted I can’t do accents, I’m just going to drop it.
    There were some really cool, deep questions and answering them in the nutty accent would have seemed very inauthentic.
    Here’s some of the questions they wrote
    how did jesus put god in mary?
    how did god create all things
    why was jesus called jesus?
    is santa real?
    what language did jesus speak?
    why was jesus a boy?
    where does the christmas tree come in?
    how did christmas come to be?
    why is christmas called christmas?
    what is jesus doing now?
    Why was christmas invented?
    when did christmas carols start?
    did jesus really do all those amazing things?
    why does father christmas live at the north pole?

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