Christmas greetings my friends

Welcome to my Christmas [blog], I’d like to thank you for the year. So I’m sending you this Christmas card to say it’s nice to have you here

calender line drawscene.jpg

Well my youth work bretherin and sisterin, I’m signing off for Christmas. I’ll actually be on-line very little as I have agreed a laptop sabbatical, this will mean my only access to t’internet will be through a darwinian fight with he rest of the tribe for access to the Desktop. (Scrabble nemesi take note)
I’m looking forward to the break enormously. Spending time with my family, Catching up with friends, time in the shed, Carols at Church, Cycling and watching “Muppets Christmas Carol”. I’m loving the fact that it’s a genuine full-on Dickensian White Christmas too, Nice!
Thanks for being part of Youthblog this year, I wish you a great Christmas filled with hope, peace and friendship! May your Cracker jokes be funny, your wonder be kindled and your Joy contagious as you celebrate the pivotal moment of all history, Merry Christmas!

christmas_tree_presents_lg_clr.gif “… To teach us humility all this was done,
And learn we from thence haughty pride for to shun:
A manger His cradle Who came from above,
The great God of mercy, of peace and of love.
Aye and therefore be merry, set sorrow aside,
Christ Jesus our Savior was born on this tide.”


And for anyone who wants to re-group via Youthblog in 2010, I look forward to bumping into you here from 4th January onwards for the usual malarky, youth work/ministry news and related musing. Shalom