Cars must be pushed for the next 200 yds

dismount.jpgPedalling to the gig this afternoon along the cycleways and roads of Berkshire I was reflecting on an oft encountered sign that really winds me up! The offending notice being “Cyclists dismount!”
Forgive me as I descend into a rabid amalgam of Basil Fawlty and Victor Meldrew but really, what is the point of creating a cycle way that you are then asked not to cycle on???
It is blatantly ridiculous, a bit like the footway baring signage indicating that one must crawl rather than walk for the next 100 yards, thus inadvertently (or I guess vertently) insisting that feet must not be used on the footway.
Reflecting (through gritted teeth) today though I have decided to mellow a little in my approach to this. I have now decided I am prepared to accept this absurd requirement, however there is a caveat! I accept it providing that around half a percentage of the road network carries signs insisting that drivers may not drive, but must instead get out and push their cars along the relevant section.
So Minister of Transport, do we have a deal?

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  1. Completely agree, it’s why a lot of the time there is no point using a cycle lane on a pavement which stops regularly or swaps sides of the road – it’s much quicker and probably safer to stay on the road itself.

  2. Sarah,
    If I was minister of transports cycling would get some bigger incentives to invest in routes AND you wouldn’t have to get off.
    While I’m thinking about it I’ll lay out my policies:
    Incentives for innovative public transport solutions for communities
    Illegal to sell any new car that cannot deliver 50mpg+
    Investment in trains
    Electric Motor assist limitations abolished for delivery cycles and recumbents
    All housing projects would require cycle and public transport access

  3. This sign happens where both cyclists and cars have to share the same confined space. Pedestrians have the right of way because they are on a pavement not a cyclepath. Where roads intersect pavements and the pavement continues the pedestrian has the right of way. equally where there are traffic signals the right of way is switched by the changing of the signals. All these rules are there for the safety of all road users. Cars have to wait for pedestrians in some situations and pedestrians have to wait in other situations.
    Cyclists this is one of the situatations where you do not have the right of way and if you cant be bothered to dismount for 10 yards for the safety of the pedestrians then you should not be alloud to ride a bike.
    Also stop at red lights you inconsiderate a holes!

  4. Trevor,
    Thanks for the comment but these signs occur frequently on cycle paths as well as imposing a large number of stops, give way or switches on and off paths. Getting off for 10 yards is not a problem, it is the constant on off that is the problem and nullifys the provision of a cycle path.
    Not appreciating the insult really. Lumping all cyclists together is as pointless as lumping all drivers together. I’ve been knocked off my bike six times, twice by hit and run drivers. I can still respect the good and considerate drivers.

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