Arranging meetings is a doodle

I’ve been slow off the mark here but have just discovered that Doodle is brilliant.
A parish asked me if I could meet with their leaders in January, and then rather brilliantly set up a Doodle poll as a quick and easy way of seeing which date would work the best. Genius!
If you are trying to arrange team meetings this could make your life a whole lot easier
(I realise that some of you will already having been using this for 75 years or so but it’s worth mentioning for those, like me, hadn’t found it yet)

2 Replies to “Arranging meetings is a doodle”

  1. I’ve wanted to get round to trying these things for a while!
    For me the issue is disclosing everyone’s email addresses to a ‘random’ website, probably without people’s consent.
    I hate it when I get an email from a website cos a friend has told them my email address. (since I have a system to avoid putting my real address in to websites) So I struggle to freely give away others.
    Any ideas? (apart from stop being so anal!)

  2. David,
    It’s a very valid concern.
    It doesn’t have to have the mail addresses of the participants though. You can set up a date poll then just e-mail everyone with the url of the doodle poll and they just put in their name and tick their available dates.
    So no spam e-mails for them ANF for you avoiding all the “reply to all” yesses, no’s and suggested alternatives.

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