That was the Not the Youth Weekend

I had a great weekend away with friends at the awesome Woolhope Cockshoot (complete now with two newly refurbished bathrooms). It did rain quite a lot BUT it mattered not. We discovered a fantastic Crazy golf course at Hereford …. which was a whole lot crazier in a deluge!! Good times

Version 3 of the video but still a work in progress

We also discovered a game called Perudo which is a highly addictive game of bluffing and calculated mathematical skulduggery, great fun!
For both of the regular readers of this blog (before you ask) we never got around to doing the “twenty years on” versions of the photos! Next time though ……..

4 Replies to “That was the Not the Youth Weekend”

  1. So much to take in from one posting…
    New bathrooms at Woolhope! – you mean the dodgy 70’s pastel shades have gone?!?! & it looks as if the porch on the front door has similarly disappeared (not that anyone used it!)
    However am pleased to see that the furniture looks the same and you are still in danger of serious injury from the low ceiling in the table tennis cellar.
    As for the crazy-golf, how my youth work days in Herefordshire would have been transformed – I always thought a bowling alley was a pretty cool use of an Engine shed, but with the added attraction of crazy-golf…!!!
    And I cannot believe you haven’t come across Perudo, this was a staple late night (after we’d sent the young people to bed) entertainment on the West of England New Year Houseparty.
    This post has so overwhelmed me – I’m going to have to go for a lie down.

  2. Laura,
    We got as far as a speculative “risk assessment” re the picture of me on the beam and there was concern for both me …. and the beam 🙂

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