Variable viscosity and filling removal challenges

after eight.jpgHave you ever played the game where you have to balance an unwrapped “After Eight” on your forehead and then have to move it to your mouth without using anything other than head movement and facial muscles? (The winner being the first person to eat their mint).
It’s a classic game for a youth group, or even a dinner party setting!
At CYM on Thursday one of the students introduced this game but with Jaffa Cakes rather than After Eights. I initially thought this would be easy as the cake side of the jaffa cake doesn’t melt and introduce the challenging variable viscosity dimension of the normal version. HOWEVER the transfer to the mouth in this scenario was only half of the objective and the additional goal stated was that the chocolate and cake must be then eaten away (Still without hands) leaving only an intact orange filling layer!
I did not believe this to be possible ………….. but it is! (Successfully achieved by two of the group)
Hilarious, give it a go!
(You could also play the French rules where you are allowed to use your hands, but this is not good form as the Irish will tell you)