The Jacket is dead, long live the waistcoat

When our Swedish link Diocese were visiting on Friday someone was snapping photos whilst all the staff were coffee-ing together in the meeting room. I’ve just discovered this photo of me chatting with my opposite number from Växjö.
Waistcoat coffee.jpg
This is an important photo as it’s the first media imprint of my new waistcoat!
For the last five years my jacket of choice has been one I picked up for £5 from Oxfam. I was very attached to this garment and wore it frequently, in ‘fact’ there is a 94% chance you’ve seen me in it (see previous guide to statistics). However I have been banned from wearing it as it has got a little on the scruffy side (actually a lot on the scruffy side) and was, I guess, potentially dangerous to wear approaching November 5th.
A trawl of the charity shops last week failed to elicit its spiritual successor, however for the princely sum of £3, this rather dapper waistcoat became mine.

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  1. Yes and that High Street brand is making a takeover bid for some of your managers … I am seriously embarrassed as a share holder,I think I will write and complain.

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