Shed Envy

A while back someone commented on the blog (I can’t find where) about this Howie T Shirt, “Shed Envy!” I’m delighted now to be the proud owner of the T shirt
shed envy t.jpg
Other than than this there is nothing to report on the shed front other than:
1. The small Garden store shed took quite a battering in a storm last night and may need to be rebuilt.
2. The ‘Boat House’ or Kayak Store is an impending project which will be a radically different approach to the art of shed in that I’m hoping it’ll be a triangle ….. and thus entirely roof (kind of)

2 Replies to “Shed Envy”

  1. hey you got in tune with Howies….love their stuff. Got a ‘kill your boredom’ mountain tee. ethically sound and big time bikers…right up your street! Love milla

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