Not the Youth Weekend

I’m thoroughly looking forward to this weekend when I shall be away with a wonderful bunch of blokes with whom I have been friends since we were in the youth group together (twenty odd years ago).
It’ll be a weekend of very old jokes, great food, fun, prayer, walking, talking and much laughter! A cracking mix of infantile silliness and deep conversation in the company of friends who know each other in a way you only can when you grew up together.
scan 4 crop.jpg
One of the activities for this time is a bit of photography. Specifically I have some photos from back in the day on a youth residential that we’ll be aiming to reproduce as we are now. As we are going to exactly the same place, this should be possible. Although I am not sure I can still cling on to the beam on the ceiling in this way anymore …. but hey I’ll give it a go! (note that my friend Stu in the right of the picture is sitting on the top bunk)

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