Mein laptop kaput ist

Lack of blogging …… let me tell you why?
I managed to fall over while carrying my laptop, doh! My leg REALLY hurts but worst of all are the very real signs of the impact that the laptop is (quite literally) displaying.
laptop screen2.jpg
I was away on a residential so was rendered incommunicado. I’m now back though and thankfully have found the gubbins part of the unit still functions fine, so with the aid of an external monitor I am back in business.
Did you miss me? (actually, don’t answer that)

Captains Log Supplemental:
I’m fully back in line and online after our wonderful IT department set up a spare laptop with all my programmes and files on. The prognosis for my old one is not good but I am awaiting a final decision from Dr Dell about its future.
laptop back in business2.jpg

I would like to thank everyone who expressed sympathy with; me, my leg and my laptop via the mediums of blog, phone and Facebook. As a token of that gratitude you’ll see I elected to post a photo of the laptop rather than my leg

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  1. D’oh!
    It may be possible to claim for laptop repair on your house insurance – depending on policy and excess etc. My bro had a laptop problem recently – the new monitor was fitted for around £100…

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