Enjoyed a great Anglo German dinner party last night feasting on a glorious (steamed) full-on Steak and Kidney pudding made the traditional way with beef suet. (Brilliantly cooked by Mrs Youthblog who has recently started to dip into the blog from time to time, so I’ll take the chance to say Hello!)
Music wise, Spotify provided the backdrop and played a selection of mellowness from:
spotify.pngDead Can Dance
Penguin cafe Orchestra
Nick Cave
Miles Davis
One of the highlights was trying to explain the word “Gobbledegook” to our German guest. To our delight though we discovered that the Germans have an equivalent word, Kauderwelsch. As far as I can tell this is made by joining up the word for the noise a turkey makes with another word that means either ‘romantic talking’ or is a derogatory term for various border hybrid languages or Swiss French!!
Meanwhile our friend is absolutely delighted with “upside down” and wonders why we have such a long and complicated word compared to their equivalent, “verkehrt!”
(Given that this is, in fact, what German normally does I thought this was a case of the Topf calling the wasserkocher Schwarz!)

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  1. Ian, what’s your spotify name? I’d love to share my playlist with you. Perhaps we could start a collaborative playlist?

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