FYT StreetSpace

home_box_mite.jpgMessage from FYT
AT FYT we are just about to nationally launch our new StreetSpace project to engage young people on the street and in the community and we could really do with your help to make this possible.
For the last 3 years we have been piloting StreetSpace and it has been really effective at engaging young people and exploring new ways to grow church with them. The project has been welcomed by young people, the police, councils and local Christians and we have been inundated with requests to start similar projects across the UK.
So to make StreetSpace happen nationally, please could I ask you for a small amount of time and money! In these challenging economic times, we have become very aware of the value of small things and the impact a widows mite (Luke 21) donation can make.
If you could turn on your phone and text the word MITE to 82540 it would be really appreciated. Texts cost £1.50 (plus your standard network charge) and over a pound will go directly to the StreetSpace initiative”