Easter Vigil

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Had a great meeting yesterday about an all night Easter Youth vigil at the Abbey in Dorchester-on-Thames (fab venue). It looks like I am going to be involved and I’m trawling for a few things you might be able to help on:

1. Are you and your group up for joining in?
2. Workshop suggestions, I’m especially looking for someone who can teach ‘Street Dance’ but am looking for other people/projects/things than can be woven into the experience and worship of the Vigil. No suggestion too wacky!!

I thank you for your help on what I’m expecting to be an …. Abbey Fabby do!
dorchester abbey banner.jpg

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  1. Beth actually has a “How to do an Easter Vigil” booklet somewhere that she wrote when we stood down from doing ours at St James’.
    The general principles we worked by was to space group activities out during the night, so we’d have pizza at about half way through the night, races and competitions at other points spaced out, then have activities like XBox/Wii and videos running during the rest of the time.
    We used to set up our young peoples room with a big screen and projector hooked up to a DVD player which was always popular – although it did get largely hijacked for a Friends marathon one year!
    We did play some bizarre games though – one year we handed out bananas and got them all measuring things with the banana…
    The other good tip is to find some willing volunteers to come up and cook breakfast for you after the dawn service – we have a group of parents who have come up and done us (and the rest of the dawn congregation) a cooked breakfast to round things off.

  2. Richard
    I’d love to read that if you still have a copy! Thanks for the reflections from your experience.
    It is looking like Breakfast is in hand and will follow on from a Dawn service on top of Wittenham clumps.
    Time has REALLY flown since Taize eh? I’m probably going to be heading out there again next year.

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