It’s interesting that in the area of ‘discipleship’ on of the questions I often hear is “What do we need to teach?” ….. It’s a well meaning question but is too rooted in a culture of modernity, with the assumption that having the correct information/understanding (or in this case, Doctrine) is the key to developing as a disciple of Jesus.
I don’t feel I’ve the right question defined yet but I guess it’s around, “What do we (leaders and young people) need to explore, do, wrestle with, experience and question in order to be growing as disciples?”
This is me musing out loud about the enormous danger in the ‘teach’ approach that may unwittingly forget that young people remember little of what was taught, but enormous amounts of what they experienced, observed and encountered.
In musing about this one of the scenarios that comes to mind is a residential centre that I am connected with. When groups have left one can often find evidence of solid and heavy Bible Study along a discipleship line. The oddity being that the place is often left in the sort of state that suggests the clearing-up model applied was “what, if at all, is the absolute minimum of tidying/cleaning that we can get away with?” (in my mind, at odds with notions of a discipled life)
What did we teach verses what did they learn? mused Pooh
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