I’ve been trying to find a way of producing short videos that have a MAC like quality even tho’ I’m limited to a PC. Thanks to Youth Ministry Geek I now have Animoto which is fab. I’ve been messing around briefly with it and only using it in its free guise which limits output to 30 seconds. It’s drag and drop with vids and with photos, Animoto then allows you to insert text and duplicate any clips/pics that you want to before it weaves the thing together.
I’m seriously thinking of upgrading to the paid version but here’s a demo of the free set up with a bit of ski video and some stills.

Give it a go, be warned tho’ you need very few pictures/clips for 30 seconds otherwise it feels WAY too rushed.

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  1. Even us Mac owners are signing up to it… I did this video of some birthday pictures of Lucy using the paid up consumer version (pro version removes the Animoto logo on the end I think).
    Really cool things it does include actually timing the transitions to the music, and the ability to highlight particular pictures (check out the one that snakes onto the screen towards the end of this video). Hopefully the embed will work…

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