Youth Specialities “release” Marko

ys marko blogger.jpgREALLY HOT OFF THE PRESS
I can’t track down any details at the moment but a press release by Youth Specialities yesterday announced that they have “released” Marko! It’s difficult to imagine Youth Specialities without Mark Ostreicher.
I have no idea what this means and whether this was by amicable agreement or more of a cull?
Anyone got any more info?
Further: Various links in the comments and an update here from The Christian Post

5 Replies to “Youth Specialities “release” Marko”

  1. I don’t have any more info, but that has to be the most vague and ‘past tense’ press release I have ever read. Release is a euphemism for something…but what?!Since Marko stopped blogging he seems to have been pretty quiet so maybe he has been finding something new with all his new time on his hands! I hope it was amicable…

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