Vetting and Barring

OK, ISA goes live with the ‘vetting and Barring’ scheme today. Here’s what you need to know as a youth worker for the moment.

There are two changes to the CRB process:

1.Standard disclosures are no longer an option, only enhanced.
2.The criteria for needing a CRB comes in line with ISA in that if you are working in a ‘regulated activity’, you need a CRB disclosure.
ISA now hold the new ‘children’s list’ (which takes over from the previous POCA and list 99) and ’employers’ (this includes bodies that ’employ’ volunteers) have a duty to refer any individuals who pose a risk to young people.
It’ll be Spring 2010 before the new CRB form comes out with ISA option. From Nov 2010 all new appointments will require ISA registration. Checking existing workers and volunteers will be a phased process over the next few years.

IN the meantime:
All relevant CP process and CRB disclosures should be done as usual, waiting until everything kicks into gear in the middle of next year is not an option.
Check also the 8 myths which is a very useful resource produced by the DCSF

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  1. Ian,
    Some of the above is not quite correct.
    From October 12th, if you are working in regulated activity, you do not ‘need’ an enhanced disclosure – it now available should you/employer want one. There is no requirement to get one. The disclosure will however show if you are on the ISA barred lists or not.
    From July next year it will be optional for people to join the scheme. The ‘requirement’ for people going into new jobs to join will only begin next November.
    Hope this helps.
    Adrian McAllister
    Chief Executive, ISA

  2. Adrian,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for clarifying the time scales …. much appreciated.
    Re the regulated activity, although it is from an ISA point of view an option; ‘Regulated activity’ now becomes the definition on our Child protection procedures that then make the CRB a requirement.
    (I think we may be coming from different angles on this one)
    Hope day 1 of ISA being live goes well … and thanks again for commenting here.

  3. Wow…even the Chief Exec of ISA reads Youthblog…is there no end to your world domination!
    Thanks for the ISA stuff. I’ve passed it onto our Safeguarding peeps – if that’s ok?!

  4. Martin,
    I don’t think that the CEO of ISA actually reads the blog but I was very impressed that he was monitoring web mentions of the ISA launch and responding.
    The fact that the CEO of ISA (on what must have been a very busy and important day) had in visiting the blog seen a photo of our Guinea Pig shed made me smile all day.
    Yes, pass stuff on by all means. I get a kick out of the occasions where I am in some way or another useful

  5. I wonder if the Chief Executive of ‘Guinea Pig Shed Construction’ is also monitoring the web….I would be interested in his/her veiws on the benefits of a double glazed window for guinea pigs.

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