The fun, passion and power of film

love film.jpgI was recently pointed to a Worship Service that I missed at Greenbelt. Chris Curtis and LCET put together a service that they subtitled, “finding God in the fun, the passion and the power of film” and it uses film quotes and clips to provide the images and words of a creative service.
It is, in a word, brilliant! It actually gave me goosebumps, a sense of joy (and some laughter) just reading the service. Man, I wish I’d been there
LCET have generously made it available as a resource (providing you acknowledge LCET) and you can find it at their web site!
“We believe in one Director, maker of all that is screened and unscreened.
We believe we have been cast in His story.
That we have a perfect part created for us to play.
We believe we are more than extras.
We believe we have heard the call for ‘action’.
That now is the time for us to speak up and be heard.
We believe this is not a rehearsal ……………”