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I seem to be having a bit of a crisis of confidence when it comes to blogging. I’m happy that the blog is a quirky mix of personal stuff, youth ministry stuff and the interface of the two, but this week I’ve been unsure as to what constitutes blog-worthy and what is more in the realms of get-a-life. This is still not quite resolved in my mind yet; especially as what seems to be emerging from the bloggy bit of my brain, for a post, is a kind of, ‘my week’ by Ian Macdonald aged 42. I’m going to write it up anyway tho’ as it’ll serve as a reminder of the things I need to do a proper write up of (and maybe to just, Get a Life!)
diary 2009.jpgSo, beginning randomly at last Wednesday, which saw me in London at the LICC listening to Nick Shepherd present some research and thinking about discipleship. It proved to be a valuable session and started a whole bunch of thinking about “Intentional Christian Community” which I must write about. Had lunch with a fellow Youth work veteran and thoroughly enjoyed the reflection, challenge and encouragement that involved. Worked on the train on the way home and did a few more e-mails/phone calls from home.
Thursday: Dropped our German guest off at the coach station and hit the road, arriving at my desk at 07:30 (great news as this meant an hour of work with the radio on before anyone arrived and asked me to switch it off.) Mainly a management and paperwork sort of a day but had meetings also in Faringdon and Burford with a youth work volunteer about training, then some non managerial supervision for an employed youth work (while eating cake, yay!). Picked up my eldest son, took him out for chips on the way to a drama performance he was in with his youth. group.
Friday: Day off and catching up on some reading (including Youthwork magazine). Took the offspring swimming and then helped to cook a celebration meal in the evening for a bunch of friends.
Saturday: Family trip to Westonbirt Arboretum but didn’t see much as there were too many trees in the way!! Got back in time to pick up the three teenagers that make up the cafe team for VERTIGO and head up to Oxford. Slight flap on the way there when someone from VERTIGO phoned to say ‘help, we have to feed 25 people before the event’ but we managed to solve that ……. one of the teenagers ordered £120 worth of Pizza from the car which we were able to pick up. Fab event; hundreds of teenagers, great conversation and a good vibe …. and although i was running the cafe all the time the worship/talk sounded great.
Sunday: Hit the gym (felt like it hit back) then onto Church followed by a Sunday School lunch. Hit the office at about 5pm to catch up with some stuff and prepare a session for the evening. Onto Headington to be with a wonderful bunch of young people who’d invited me to do a session on ‘boys and girls’ (but not the sex bit) and I adapted this session which went down really well. I enjoyed the great observations, discussion and reflections from the teenagers.
Monday: My department residential at Douai Abbey as we worked together on the structural changes that will see us and the Board of Social responsibility morph into the Board of Mission. Exhausting but rewarding day. Phone chat with a youth worker about boundaries in ministry.
Tuesday: Residential continued with the whole morning being taken up with looking at a survey on Biblical Literacy and what it might mean for Discipleship and Mission.
Cracking evening at home with a friend popping round and our German guest returning. The highlight of the evening being translating “On top of Spaghetti” into German; then my daughter and I attempting to sing it.
Wednesday: Youth work project meeting on the Blackbird Leys estate and catching up with paperwork, answering queries, phone calls and quite a bit of management stuff. Glimpses of the desk by the end of the day.

Various management meetings, a great chat about a possible network of schools workers in Oxford, writing a response to the “Oxfordshire Children and Young People’s plan”. Oh and a really interesting conversation with a fellow youth adviser that morphed into an interesting piece of theological reflection on nurture and service in youth ministry. I’m heading straight out from the office tonight over to meet a group of volunteers in a West Oxfordshire village who would like to help their church engage with young people.

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  1. Ian,my advice is …. maybe don’t read the Youthwork Magazine on your day off, its work. Your life sounds busy busy busy, look after yourself in all this.( Words recently said to me, sometimes its easy to forget!)

  2. Did you find it difficult to fit all the German syllables into the tune? Sounds hilarious 😀
    The phrase ‘intentional Christian community’ dinged rather loudly in my head. And then it made me realise that you and I have not caught up in about a million years! I could talk for roughly another million years about ‘intentional Christian community’ and other similar buzz phrases! Would be great to hear your thoughts.

  3. Tessa,
    Yes too long since we caught up. I’m hoping to get up to London in December and will FB a date as soon as I have it to see if we can meet, I’d really like that.

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