Indwelling the story

“To indwell a story is to live so much within its framework that we are not so conscious of the story as of what the story allows us to see”
I’ve been reading and re-reading “Naming the Elephant” by James W Sire (from whom the above is quoted) and finding it a truly exceptional book on Worldviews and philospohical/cutural exploration of meaning. All attempts to write a useful review so far have failed …. but it will happen, oh yes!
Loving the quote though and am thinking about how Christianity exists so often still in the mindset of Modernity, where knowing the story/doctrine/facts are elevated to the point where the knowing the tennets of it outstrip the inhabiting of the story.
I happened to be in a Cafe recently near where two church leaders were discussing young people’s faith and how the young people were so involved with social action and justice that there was a danger of them bypassing important doctrinal distinctives of the Christian faith.
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Further thinky bit: I think ‘indwelling the story’ is a great definition of discipleship