Youth worker offices 8

Another in the blog series, “Youth worker offices!” I’d like to claim this is a piece of dedicated social anthropology exploring the commonality and diversities of youth ministry administrative practices, but it’s not … it just amuses me.
This is the office of Paul Reisbach (who is a great youth worker*). In keeping with other offices there is a bin bag in the process of being filled. In terms of tidiness it’s average (a five on the Hamilton scale) but I am sure it’s the first desk that is equipped with toilet roll and a single red rose!
(I’ve yet to find a youth worker office without a coffee cup in a prominent position!)
youth worker office 8.jpg

*Paul asked me to say this

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  1. Our youth office is tidy! Only because we cleaned it yesterday, before that it was a question of climbing over the random piles of new-stuff-for-the-youth-club. Personally, I’ve decided that it’s the youth that make the mess, ban them and it would stay clean (honest!)

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