Shedlike Update

I’ve been quiet about sheds for a while (ok, at least on the blog) but it’s time to revisit them.
Just before the summer I was contacted by a Marketing company who pointed out that I had flagged up one shed company BUT failed to mention their client, Tiger Sheds
In an attempt to maintain a BBC like impartiality in my wooden building coverage I am now saying, check out Tiger Sheds!*
I’m really liking the 16×8 for £750 but have neither the readies …. or the energy to level 128 square feet of garden 🙂
In terms of the national outbuilding museum** I have two urgent projects. One is to build a store for the Kayaks, which I am rather grandly called the ‘Boathouse Project!’ The other (and more pressing) is to build a winter shelter for the Guinea pigs.
Bring on the shiplap, nails and creosote, oh yes!
* Other shed suppliers are available
** Otherwise known as my garden