Samosa Holder

The consultation yesterday went extremely well and proved to be a productive time (I will write the notes up on Monday).
pottering down.jpg
I also thoroughly enjoyed welcoming practitioners from across the country to Christ Church and it was nice to be able to provide lunch at the top of the Harry Potter Stairs, next to the now famous dining hall. (Minus floating candles despite attempts to spot them).
looking up.jpg
Lunch wise, my Blackburn colleague was especially impressed with the clip on plastic holders attached to the plate, calling me over to congratulate me on finding a place that provided Samosa holders?!
samosa holder2.jpg

2 Replies to “Samosa Holder”

  1. Thanks for having us!
    Sorry I had to leave early, I did make all the connections and arrived home safely.
    It was good to meet up with everyone and it was an interesting discussion – cause for thought on the way home!
    It was also lovely to meet up with fellow DYO’s as I don’t get too many opportunities down here in sunny Cornwall.

  2. Pleased to see the chaps, still capable of getting together, discussing and feeding their faces. I look forward to reading their reflections at some point.

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