Leading on Empty

leading on emptybook.jpgLeading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro is a great book on stress, burnout and recovery in ministry. It’s an important piece of writing as it’s not the usual theoretical offering of danger signs and remedies, it is a survivors account. The narrative of Waynes’ breakdown leads to a thoughtful and reflective approach to the issues, the experience; and then a journey to recovery. It’s further enhanced by the stories and quotes of other ministers and holding these against a medical and psychological understanding of the breakdown and recovery process. Theological themes and reflection are also integral to the writing.
This feels like a VERY important book for anyone in ministry to read but especially those in the highly visible and demanding role of minister/vicar/pastor. I found it useful not only for my own learning and ‘health check’ but as a useful insight into the huge pressures involved in leading a church.
It’s also surprisingly readable given the subject matter
I’m flagging this up here as I think this is a key piece of reading for Youth Ministers. It’s also highly useful for understanding the sphere that your employing ministers operates in … and some of the stress symptoms they may well be exhibiting.
(As I got the copy free from the UK distributor I’m quite happy to pass it on (within the UK only I’m afraid). I’ve written a number between 1 and 20 in the front cover, guess correctly and it’s yours)

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  1. We are reading this book as a staff at our church right now. It does seem to be pretty good, has a lot of good stuff so far in it.
    There seems to be some lack in supernatural and more heavy on the physiological… but I am only a few chapters in at this point. We will see how it goes.

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