Impact of the teens’

nix ch in newbury.jpgThe teenagers at the church I attend are having quite an impact at the moment. They arrived back from ‘Soul Survivor’ so committed to their faith, their church and their community; the outworking of which has been fabulous. Among the mad-brilliant blessing they are being is in the way they are relating to the WHOLE church. They decided that they ought to try and ensure that at least some of them were at every service ….. which they have duly achieved. So you’ll find teens at the 08:00 (I repeat, 8am for youth workers who are struggling to compute this), the 09:15, the all age service, the 6pm (Choral 1662 evensong) and the informal 6:30 pm in the hall. Cool huh!
This having quite a huge impact not just in the fact they are doing it (respect) but in hearing them talking about how much they are getting out of the various services.