German progress

deutschbookpile.jpgBoth the long term readers of the blog will know of my off-on attempts to learn German and in particular my 18 year battle to complete the informative tome (unhelpfully titled) “German in Three Months!”
Recently I discovered a new resource called simply “German” by Michel Thomas which was enormously helpful and at last given me a handle on the future (my German ’til then could pretty much deal only with the past and present). It’s not yet got me to the stage yet where Stu P (regular reader) doesn’t laugh when I speak German, but there’s definitely progress.
BUT, I now have an even more dynamic learning resource in that we have a German lady living with us and we have become a falteringly bi-lingual (and sometimes bi-confused) household. Although last night I was trying to talk about the elections that had happened in Germany that day and found I could not pronounce ‘Angela Merkel’ in a way that our guest had the slightest clue who I was talking about, so more work needed yet.
(I’m also learning a bit more German slang from the Pukka German site)
So, maybe (just maybe) I am getting a bit closer to being able to speak a language in a way that my school predicted I never would ….. and that would be uber cool, nicht wahr?

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  1. Funny that. At my eldest daughters party I suggested to one of her friends that she might want to impress her German teacher with a phrase which was one of only two phrases a friend of mine knew in German. I said it would come in very useful. The phrase ? “Mein hubschrauber ist voller eller” !

  2. I’d like to stress that I now know more than two phrases and am now more attached to this phrase, a response to enquiries as to my well being
    mir geht’s so gut ich konnte die ganze welt umarmen

  3. Stu,
    *laughing* I reckon that might mean I now speak better German than google. But if we are going to be all uber pedantish about it:
    geht es so gut mit mir, ich könnte die ganze Welt umarmen

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