Camp Rock

Saturday night was ‘film night’ in the home of ‘the tribe called Macdonald’ and this weeks’ fayre was Camp Rock.
camp rock.jpgCamp Rock was a predictable colourful romp into the fictional world of ‘Rock Camp’ where a young talented teen, Mitchie, finds herself trying to fit in. Attempting to be cool in order to be accepted, she paints a picture rather at odds with the truth. Meanwhile a a former success of ‘Camp Rock,’ the young, now famous, Shane is sent back to the camp as an instructor by his frustrated band mates who are tired of his self centred tantrums. Young Shane we learn though is living out his frustration at the ‘record’ label making him perform music that is not where his heart and talents lie.
So will Shane re-discover his passion, and learn to be true to himself? Will Mitchie learn that she needs to be who she really is? Will this dual journey of self-discovery lead to them discovering each other?


So a film that’s firmly aimed at the aspirational dreams of tweenagers, a film that is formulaic, predictable and saccharinly cool, colourful and wonderful. Yep! But hey that’s rather the point …. and EXACTLY what Disney pitches at.
It lacks the sing a long quality of HSM but nevertheless a great family film evening.
Suitability for an evening with 10-13 year olds: Way cool
Suitability for a 13+ youth group: Destruction of any cool cred’ you may have had

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  1. Does “camp” have the same range of meanings in America as it does in the UK? The title “camp rock” makes me think of eighties bands with men wearing makeup and perms.

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