Ultimate Frisbee

One of the activities that went REALLY well at The Yellow Braces camp was Ultimate Frisbee. We were fortunate to have a leader who was not only an excellent player but REALLY good an involving, encouraging and enabling the young people to enjoy the sport.
disc175 untimate game.jpg
As well as loving how much the young people got out off it though I was also struck by the values and ethos of the sport. The game has no referee and is self regulated, fair play and grace are highly esteemed. The post-game etiquette though was particularly wonderful. The captain of each team congratulates and thanks the opposing team, then one of a menu of silly games is played just to keep the whole thing in context. (The game that the teams at Yellow Braces used for the post match frippery was called ‘Micro tanks!’ The teams form a circle facing into the centre and all balance on their elbows and knees. They then moved forwards on elbows and knees continually chanting “I’m a micro tank, I’m a micro tank …..” The goal was to make it across the circle with much hilarity ensuing. Even funnier was that if someone fell over then they MUST continue to move their arms and legs, while lying on their sides, as if driven by an imaginary motor and continuing to chant until ‘game-over’ was called)
Fab stuff!