the summer unfoldeth

It’s 10pm and I’m sitting out on the decking enjoying the lights I fitted today, I think they contribute muchly to the mellowness.
lights for the decking.jpg
This is the final post before the blog shuts down for a summer sabbatical. Tomorrow I head out to Taize with a great group of young people from the Diocese. After that I’ll be in work for a bit to catch up AND clear the desk before a two week ‘staycation’ with the family. A week at work and then Greenbelt, Huzzah. After that I will be mugged as expected by that brute, September! In the meantime though an adventure and a rest. I’ll find it hard not to blog but I think it’ll be good to have a sabbatical from wittering (for me and you).
I look forward to resuming our on-line friendship then.