Playing with a full deck

I have finally finished the decking! Today has been a mammoth effort …. but now the last screw is in place and the wood is waxed, yay! I can now return to the important business of blogging, and crucially … about stuff that actually relates to Youth Ministry.
decking complete.jpg
(Please note the fence in the background has been freshly creosoted!)

7 Replies to “Playing with a full deck”

  1. Looking good Mr Macdonald, sir!
    I did note the judicious use of creosote substitute on the fence – a great improvement :o)
    BBQ to celebrate tonight?

  2. So now you can sit on the deck and write your blog, enjoying the fine summer weather and the smell of newly applied “Creosote Substitute”.

  3. Martin,
    I love the T shirt, fab.
    Yep, long time no see. Invite me down to the SW for something eh! connference was fab but then it would be difficult for it not to be with such a GREAT bunch of people. Will you make it to Blackpool 2010? (I’m gutted than the NW didn’t elect to have it in the Lake district but Blackpool will be fun in a different kind of way)
    Ironically I am actually posting this comment from the shed!

  4. Thanks David,
    It was easier win for me as what was there was so horrible and decking was the only affordable answer. Having said that though, 278 sq feet of decking was a demanding project.
    There are some ready made 9ft by 9ft kits available though that would be a great way to work if you don’t need to cover a large swamp.
    Wishing you a peaceful summer too

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