Don’t hold on!

In my work with Churches there’s one particular phrase that makes me shudder in the way that otherwise only nails across a blackboard can achieve. Its when *cringe* I hear people talk about, “holding on to young people!” *shudder* My first inclination is to beat them with a large copy of the King James Bible (you see I can find a use for all translations)! Now I know it often comes from a well meaning sentiment but it’s so depressing and in fact diametrically opposite to the gospel. Why would we hold on to young people? Will they eventually say, “Hey I’ve been here for long enough now, I no longer know any different, I guess I might as well stay?” Is that want we want?
passing_the_baton_qx_lg_nwm_me.gif I believe in the Church, I believe in the faith community! I believe that youth ministry is a whole church endeavour (where youth leaders play an important part) of discipleship, listening and enabling!
I believe that Young People need to discover a faith (with thanks to Mr Yaconelli) of Dangerous Wonder, Risky Curiosity, Wild Abandon, Daring Playfulness, Wide-eyed listening, Irresponsible Passion, Happy Terror, Naive Grace and Childlike Faith AND for their discoveries to help form the changing life of the Church. Working with young people must not be a war of attrition where they eventually conform to a inheritted religiousity!
Here endeth the first rant. Please turn to the paragraph on page 11 and join in the responses in bold:
Discipleship is about enabling young people to taste the Kingdom
We will not just hold on
Discipleship is about letting go
We will not just hold on!
We believe young people have a part to play now in our Church
We will not just hold on!
We shall love, support, teach, listen to and inspire our young people
We will not just hold on!

Any sense of deja vu while reading this post may be because this post has been (in line with the environmental values of Youthblog) re-cycled from 2005

5 Replies to “Don’t hold on!”

  1. Sally, thanks for that 🙂
    Pete, Great to know you still pop in and yes you did comment the first time around ….. you have an excellent memory

  2. followed this from eternal echoes … what can I say, I believe this 100% … our youth (and all of us actually) deserve so much more than just hanging on 🙂
    Thank you for writing.
    PS I didn’t see this in 2005 so no deja vu there, but I do wonder when the church will wake up!

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