Decking 2, the second square

deck2 cutting the bearers.jpg
Highly successful evening as I finished cutting the joints into the bearers and assembled them into the completed frame. My daughter was not convinced that we were, as I believed, having fun lifting the pieces into place in the pouring rain.
I’ve now got to build the pillars into the swamp that will support the frame and decking. The rain is actually quite useful as at any given moment I can tell instantly whether the intended direction of drainage is working or not without the need to mess around with a spirit-level.
deck 2 bearers completed.jpg
The plan is for it to be job-done by Sunday … and we can thus move into our outdoor summer …. I just need to find the ‘Beach boys’ CD and the sun-lounger. (eek, just looked at the above picture; does that fence seriously need creosoting or what!)

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  1. What fascinates me is your umbrella is kept in exactly the same place as ours……
    I am taking a break for summer hols… so hope Taize is great…with or without coffee…and hmmm its the 7th/8th panel from the left which is perhaps a lighter shade of taupe, its disturbing the aesthetic quality of the fence….its just not working for me! You seriously need to sort it…creosote can restore it to a piece of work that has colour uniformity and thereby it is transformed into a fence of ‘beauty’.

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