Young People

I loved this quote from a great youth worker about the challenges of working with the marginalised young people they serve:
“Some people say they are horrible,
but they are not. They are beautiful young people!
But their behaviour sucks”

I’m not sure if I’ve missed the deadline for the Grove booklet on “things I wish I’d known” but the piece I wanted to write was going to be “There is ALWAYS a reason for the behaviour”

3 Replies to “Young People”

  1. “There is ALWAYS a reason for the behaviour”…yes but a young person’s response to that reason is not always reasonable! 😉

  2. I love the title of the book ‘Just Walk With Me’…..its the word ‘Just’ which brings tears to my eyes…because the work of E:merge is an inspiration. The book is hard hitting,funny in places,desperately sad, full of real hope.I do not work on the edge….but even moving nearer to the edge the dilemmas surface and this book is really helpful.I loved the importance of ‘patience’ and a long term commitment.I loved that it was the young people that mattered not the ‘conversion’.
    I reckon that the book could have been called ‘Just Living Like Jesus Taught Us’ or ‘Just Loving Like Jesus Taught Us’.( Slightly off topic !)

  3. Pat,
    I’m really glad you liked the book. I’m planning to review it next week.
    BTW, not off topic at all, fits perfectly with this post!

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