Walkman vs ipod

walkman ipod teen.jpg
I loved this! Great article from the BBC relating to the 30th anniversary of the iconic Walkman. A teenager is given one to use for a week in place of his usual ipod. Made me laugh, made me feel old.
Captains Log supplemental: This post seems to be leading to a bit of a nostalgia-fest (always a good thing). I thought this picture might be a useful fusion of old and new:
walkman ipod fusion.jpg

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  1. guess what had one of these 82/83 for Christmas with an FM radio when I first went to Jamaica. On it playing was ‘Thriller’!

  2. I remember someone at school having a really expensive ‘walkman’ when they had been around a few years and it was fantastic. It was like being in a room where there was nothing but sound …. I still remember being blown away by it.
    I never had a walkman but for my 21st birthday my parents gave me a panasonic portable CD player which I loved. It was totally inpractical though as it j-uu-ju-umped if you moved. Trying to Ski with it did not work well 🙂

  3. even i, as a relative young one, had a walkman back in the day (woohoo i sound well old!)…………..however definately sticking the Ipod though nowadays!

  4. Hilarious!I loved my walkman and enjoyed listening to it on my commute to London..in the old days when I was a Yuppee!

  5. I too didn’t have a walkman, but started off with a Panasonic CD player – but a second generation one when they’d sorted out the skipping so you didn’t have to remain totally still – still would skip if pushed. The other big jump was when I finally got a car with a CD player rather than a tape deck, which now has also been superceded by an iPod cable and iPod Touch.
    We’ve definitely come a long way though from hauling a walkman and a case full of tapes/CD’s around to something smaller than a either a single tape or CD that can hold thousands of times more music. I don’t think we even have a working tape deck in our house any more, and the CD’s are only really there as backups for the copies on the iPod.

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