Recycle and Re-use

skipred.jpgI’m still working away at the Garden and hope to complete the second piece of decking before I disappear off to Taize. I’ve been gathering material for the supports of this new section, a bit of skip-surfing has produced some bricks and some really great metal mesh that’ll make creating a concrete barrier much easier, nice!
I’m also really chuffed with the planting table that enjoyed a previous career as a Pallet.
We have an old parasol base that has ceased to function properly. It’s one of the plastic ones that you fill with water to act as a weight, however it’s so cracked that the water just escapes. So, last night I poured some quick setting concrete powder into it and it is now useable again.
(Best bit of recycling though has been discovering a broken marquee is a skip that was the same design as the one we use for Yellow Braces. I thus gleened some useful spares)
I greatly fear I am turning into an amalgam of a Womble and Bob the Builder!

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