mY wEEkEnD by mE

My weekend started off with visiting a Youth drop-in which was fun. Much silliness and good conversation while munching through a box quantity of ice-lollies from a well known frozen food store that we worked out cost 4.2p each! A spontaneous game emerged too which involved trying to throw Jenga pieces onto the top of the giant Jenga stack in such a way that it knocked your opponents pieces off, while they were also attempting this. (Not very successful!)
From there I went onto an inter-church Youth evening in Reading called “Raw Worship!” It was great to catch up with a few folk over a burger and listen to the bands warm up. Sadly didn’t get to stay for the acts as I’d taken my eldest along on the basis it was the sort of thing he loves, but it turned out if wasn’t. He went and stood by the car and refused to budge as it was too loud.
Sunday morning was a home match and I was roped in to doing some ‘magic’ at Sunday School. I’m hoping there is no come back from one of the “DO NOT try this at home” type tricks 🙂
Sunday evening saw me up in rural Oxfordshire playing rounders on the grounds behind the community hall. The church in the village has an excellent relationship with a great bunch of young people but was struggling to find enough volunteers to keep the work going. They put together an advert for a sessional worker though and found someone local who is GREAT. So, the evening was a chance for the young people to ‘interview’ the worker and begin a conversation about how September onward could be shaped.
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  1. Sympathise with the standing by the car scenario….I love parenting because our children keep it real…not always convenient…but still brilliant.

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