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Eucharist to-go, mail order consumeristic communion
True Story, really useful and thoughtful comment and reflection from Stephen Tomkins of the Guardian, well worth a read

“The theologian John Drane has written about “the McDonaldisation of the church”, so maybe the Dominos Pizza-ization of the church was only a matter of time”

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  1. This is a mistake by the open episcopal church which is showing a very poor understanding (to say the least) of the context in which Jesus instituted the Eucharist at the last supper. It was a very intimate moment with the apostles, and posting the body of Christ in the form of bread is wholly inappropriate. I only hope as a catholic that the consecretion of the Host by the open episcopal church is invalid.
    What I do know is that at every mass in a Catholic Church, the Host is sent out to people who are unable to attend church by Eucharistic Ministers (not priests but of course priests visit the sick very much too) who are appointed because they have great reverence both for the Host and for the person that they are visiting.
    Not sure if this comment is needed, as most people of whatever religion instinctively understand this already???!!!

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