Funny moment

Being the first of the month it was The ‘Family Service’ at Church in place of the usual menu of age related provision plus the Church service. Mid way through the sermon (a rather wonderful fusion of Dr Who and Psalm 119, with a sprinkling of 2 Timothy and a lot of brown envelopes) a child wondered up to our Rector and interupted him mid flow to enquire when Sunday School would be starting, i.e why am I still in the service?
It was a very funny moment, our Rector (jolly tall) looking down at said child (very small) and explaining that there was no Sunday School, this was the service for everyone. (Explained very patiently and gently I should add)
Small child wanders off in different direction than that from which he approached, conveying a smidgeon of disappointment. Fab!

One Reply to “Funny moment”

  1. service for everyone = disappointment
    Brilliant! Every minister should ‘hear’ this from their smaller congregants.

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