3 Replies to “St Birinus Pilgrimage”

  1. Something I’ve always wanted to do, but bit short notice this year. Any idea when next year’s will be?
    Also – Father’s Day? Those of us in ministry find all kinds of ways to get round these issues, but really not fair to expect youth groups to encourage young people away from their families…
    In my experience many yth group attendees come from non-church families so the expected “bring your Dad” response would not be too appropriate either.
    Perhaps you could pass the message on?

  2. Hard to get this one right!! The posters ahve been around since January!! Last year everyone said they couldn’t come on the usual date (first Sudnay in July!!) because it was the Wimbledon final AND the Grand Prix final – so we thought we’d go for Midsummer – but it’s Father’s Day too.
    Yes YOU CAN all come together – there’s lots of people (non church goers too!!) that do Plenty to eat and certainly the emphasis is on enjoying doing stuff together. Or you can waith til next year 4th July… American Independence Day…whoops!!!!!
    We’d love to hear from you this year or next!!

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