Christian car?

Idly fettling in the shed and casting an ocassional eye at the incoming e-mails I happened to notice a bit of SPAM that made it past the Diocesan Spam Bouncer. The unsolicited advert in question was offering me a Christian car! (I guess it depends on how you punctuate the e-mail title, but I like my reading of it). This set me off on a muse regarding automobile names and especially those that might hint at a redeemed status. (Forgiven from their ‘Manifold’ sins*)
christian car suppliers.jpg
Messing about with the names ‘a bit’ I got

  • The Rolls Royce Holy Ghost
  • The Nissan (narrow) Pathfinder
  • The BMW (John) 316

I’ve got to get back to fence building and the like, so over to you!
hell preach car.jpg

*this gag only works if you are familiar with the technical term for where the exhaust system and engine join!

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  1. Hi Volks. Audi you do? Youthblada mentions BMW 3:16 “Ford Golf Zil Lotus the Wartburg…” I’ll stop there, it’s a bit Capri. I do Note want to make you Chrysler.

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