Youthblog holiday

This is the last post on this blog until April 20th. I’m serving on team for a Ski holiday as the resident minister and am heading out tomorrow (I am actually going by coach, not hitching but the idea of the photo amused me). After that I’m investing in some quality family-time and allowing the laptop a short vaccation too. To my Scrabble nemesises (is that the plural?) this also means that I won’t be competing much, please don’t void the outstanding games.
I’d really appreciate your prayers for the ministry/talks on the Ski trip!
hitch to the mountains.jpg
I wish you a reflective and renewing Holy week, and a Joy (and chocolate) filled Easter!
With thanks, as ever, for your company, wishing you Shalom in your life and your relationships

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  1. hope the skiing goes well, Rachel’s out in Austria with school as well.
    weird question, but on average who far can an amateur canoist expect to row in a day (and still expect to be able to row the next day)?
    i want to organise a canoing/camping break but google is surprisingly unhelpful on the issue as to how far we could expect to go.

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