You WILL volunteer

I read in the paper this morning that the government would like to make it compulsory for young people to volunteer!
Is it me?
“David Blunkett, the former home ­secretary, is to draw up plans for the prime minister to make all teenagers take part in voluntary work …..”
(Steve Tilley flags up more anomolous reporting from the news today)

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  1. Well they can’t use certain word like – “national Service” or “conscription” because they would be like a red flag and they wouldn’t hear the end of it.
    In Ontario High school students can’t graduate without having done 20 hours over their last two years of High School – that’s hardly conscription or national service. Most of them do it without realizing it – they just needed it documented. I think its a good idea to get them to do it for that amount of time – it’s not really a burden if you spread 20 hours over 2 years and it gives them a taste of serving others that might spark some career direction. And as I mentioned above a lot of them do it anyway -just need to document it – (something us Brits seem to be well practiced at lol).

    Found it.
    Language does inform the intention here. National Service does raise all sorts of red rags here but in Germany it does not. They provide the option of going into the forces OR youth / community / volunteering / Social Service for 12 months. Perhaps unsurprisingly many volunteer for the latter choices. It is possible to have an ethical debate about the nature of compulsion but if we do that then we must also question the compulsory nature of state education too. As a worker in an FE setting I am dreading the onset of compulsory education to 18 in 2013. Many of the young people referred to me now don’t want to be here so what we are going to do with another few thousand NEET’s who are those who really don’t want to be here, I don’t know. Such a scheme established as an alternative to formal education could provide a useful option in this respect.

  3. I’m all for National Service, I’d gladly do my 12 months in the army for queen and country, sadly, there are precious few out there who hold the same views.

  4. How about making it compulsory for ADULTS to volunteer… In youth clubs, say. What kind of difference would that make to the country I wonder? 🙂

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